First Home in St. Louis – Morgan Street

On September 17, 1845, Francis purchased a city lot and house between the twelfth and thirteenth blocks of Morgan Street from William Taylor for $381.60. This was likely the Minor’s first home in St. Louis; the first recorded home address we have for them dates to 1847 and is listed as being on Morgan west of Fourteenth Street, which is in the same area, but no building number is given. In 1848 their address is given as 386 Morgan, which might be the same location.

This property was valued at $6,000 in the 1850 census so Francis either got it at a really good price or the Minors did substantial renovations to it.

Close up: The Minor’s house would have been right about where the big 5 is. Morgan is the red line to the left of it. Twelfth Street is right above the numbered buildings and Thirteenth is the one up from that.
Source: Map Of The City Of St. Louis. Paul, Rene, 1844. Available online here.

Today, Morgan Street is Delmar, which changes names to Convention Plaza in the heart of the city. 12th Street is now called Tucker, so we are likely looking at property on Convention between 13th and Tucker, which is either a parking garage or gas station today, depending which side of the street it was on.