Minor Family Tree

There are fifteen branches of the Minor family in total, each with their own distinguishing designation based on the estate where they were born. As Francis and Virginia were second cousins, they are both represented on different branches. Francis’ line is known as the “Woodlawn Minors” and Virginia is of the “Topping Castle Minors.

Beginning with their first blood relatives in America, Francis and Virginia hold several generations in common. These shared relatives will be addressed first, followed by the relatives of Francis, of whom the records are more plentiful; then those of Virginia, who are still, by and large, murky figures lost to history.

Genealogist Charles M. Blackford notes that while few achieved lasting fame, “from the first of the name to the present day, [the Minor family’s] members have been influential in their respective communities, but have ever shunned office, and hence are not as well-known as many families of less real merit but fewer peculiarities.”

* These are short profiles of the Minors. For more in-depth information, please see Nicole’s book when it is released.

Shared Ancestors of Virginia and Francis

Mindert Doodes (also spelled Maindort/Meindert Doedes)
c. 1621–1666/1667

Doodes Minor
c. 1641-1695

Garrett Minor

John Vivian Minor

The Woodlawn Minors (Francis’ Ancestors)

Dabney Minor I

Dabney Minor II

The Topping Castle Minors (Virginia’s Ancestors)

Three of Virginia’s ancestors were members of the commission which sentenced the slaves and white indentured servant rebels in Bacon’s rebellion in 1676 for rising up against the local gentry. She is also related to George Washington through two lines and eight generations.

Major John Minor II
1735 –1800

Col. William Minor

Warner Washington Minor